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More Binding Equipment

Velobind Bind and Thermal Bind Punch and Bind Systems

V-2000 Pro Hotknife Velobind like System

​The V-2000 offers a convenient Velobind machine with a "hot knife" which quickly and easily slices off the excess binding strip and rivets the document together. Capable of binding with both 1" and 2" binding strips, punching 20 sheets of 20lb paper, and telling you when the binding cycle is complete with an indicator light, the V2000 Pro is a reliable, easy to use Velobind machine. The V2000pro has a 14" throat for oversized documents. If you are looking for an easy to use, efficient Velobind machine, look no further than the Tamerica V 2000-Pro Hot Knife Velobind machine.


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FAST BACK Model 20



The FB 20 is the ideal binding machine for corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, government agencies or education districts. Produce outstanding, professional document finishing at a surprisingly low cost with the FB20. Create presentations, yearbooks or any other finished document in a fraction of the time required to bind with alternative binding solutions like coil, wire or plastic comb. The FB20 is virtually maintenance free, plus easy to use with an instructional step-by-step LCD display and one touch function. Able to automatically detect which binding strip you are using, the FB20 will prove the worth of your investment in mere moments. The Fastback 20 has improved usability and versatility beyond that of previous Powis models and is a multipurpose machine, effortlessly handling tape binding, perfect binding and hardcover book binding. Throughout Powis Parker's history, environmental concerns have always been an important focus and the model 20 is no exception. Powis' document finishing systems and equipment have been designed to be environmentally friendly wherever possible, helping to promote a greener planet. Powis continues to develop relationships with vendors and companies who demonstrate care for the impact their products have on the environment.

FAST BACK Model 9                                                        $1995.00


The versatile Fastback 9 is the most compact and affordable binding machine that Powis makes. Its desktop footprint (13"x19.5") is small enough to fit the most cramped conditions. The Fastback 9 handles both tape binding and hardcover book binding and is a great choice for the small office/home office (SOHO). It's also suitable for companies that do not have a central copy shop, and require that each department handle its own binding. In spite of its size and price point, the Fastback 9 is a powerful machine that can produce finished binding 3.5 times faster than traditional punch-and-bind systems. It binds from 10 to 250 sheets and is perfect for short-run and occasional jobs. Use the Fastback 9 with our Lx-Strip binding strips, and the Halfback covers, as well as most other Powis covers, including the Bindercovers. Their distinctive design is perfect for creating the ultimate in professional-looking reports. If you'd like to customize your covers with foil printing, add the Foilfast printer. It prints up to 7 foil colors in minutes. The Fastback Model 9 is now available to our customers nationwide.




Velobind System One

​The Velobind System One combines manual punching with Velobind's hot knife technology to securely and permanently bind your documents. The Velobind V800 System One can bind books up to 1" thick and up to 14" in length using an 11 pin GBC Velobind Strip. The GBC V800pro Velobind System One uses hot knife technology to permanently lock pages into place, keeping confidential projects safe. 


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Velobind System Two

The Velobind System Two combines a medium duty electric punch with GBC's Velobind hot knife technology for binding. The Velobind System Two is designed to bind books up to two inches thick using GBC's 11 pin Velobind Hot Knife Spines. Electric power punching save time and work, and punches perfectly every time. Each document looks custom-bound by utilizing the patented Velobind automatic binding system.


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Velobind System Three Pro

​The Velobind System Three Pro delivers maximum productivity in a desktop strip binding system. The automatic hot knife binding technology ensures a secure, professional bind every time. The GBC Velobind System Three Pro Electric Binding machine is the ultimate in Velobind Binding machines. With a heavy duty electric punch and a hot knife binding head capable of binding documents up to 3" thick the Velobind System Three Pro is perfect for almost any application. This machine can bind any document from 3 to 750 sheets.


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Bind Only

Velobind System Four Bind

Tis designed for users who already have a modular binding punch capable of punching the Velobind hole pattern and who are looking for a high production Velobind binding unit. Using the Velobind System Four "Bind" can more than double productivity over using a combination machine such as the System Three. The system Four bind can bind documents up to 3" thick and is the fastest Velobind binding machine available on the market. Just remember that you will need a seperate binding punch if you are going to choose this machine


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PRO Bind 1000 and 2000 Thermal Binding Systems

​The Probind 1000 and 2000 is hardbound book publishing at it's Best, while making it easier to scale the publication of your hard bound books based on your needs. Print as many or as few as you need. Ask about ProBind monthly promotion. We always have a great deal for you!

ProBind 1000$749.99

ProBind 2000


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