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More Binding Equipment

IElectric and Manual Combo Binding Machines and Stations

Tamerica Office Pro-21E Plastic Comb Binding Station

Tamerica is ready to tackle your plastic comb binding needs with electric punching and manual binding. Offering easy electric punching and convenient disengageable punching dies, the OfficePro-21E will make your binding life easier and faster. Increase productivity with a 2" binding capacity and lower punching fatigue with a 20 sheet electric punching capacity.


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Tamerica Office Pro-34 E Wire Binding Station

Tamerica makes quick work of the most challenging twin loop wire binding workloads. Reduce fatigue and improve productivity using the OfficePro-34E's electric punching; able to punch up to 20 sheets at once with a 1/2" binding capacity and disengageable punching pins. Discover how the Tamerica OfficePro-34E Electric Comb Binding Machine can help improve productivity and your bottom line, today.


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Tamerica Office Pro-46 E Plastic Spiral Coil Station

​Tamerica will help you stay on top of all your plastic coil binding tasks. The OfficePro-46E offers electric paper punching up to 20 sheets (20#) and a binding capacity of 450 sheets. With 46 disengageable pins, this unit makes punching quick and easy. Both punching and binding in the OfficePro-46E, making your life easier and reducing fatigue. The OfficePro-46E has a relatively compact footprint, perfect for fitting into the tight spaces of any office environment.


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Tamerica 240 E HD Comb Binding Station

The 240 E punches and binds documents up to 14" wide and 2" thick at a speed of 20,000 sheets an hour and binding 250 books per hour. With its electric punch, automatic foot pedal control, and adjustable margin depth control, the Tamerica 240 EPB allows for quick, easy to use functionality designed for offices, print shops, or medium businesses.


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Tamerica 240 Comb Binder Station

The 240HB is a heavy duty modular plastic comb opener designed for high volume comb opening applications. The 240HB Comb Opener also uses easy to use, adjustable binding stops.


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RENZ SRW 3:1 Twin Loop Wire Binding Station

The Renz RW 3:1 is an all metal, manual twin loop wire binding machine. The  RW is capable of punching up to 25 sheets per lift and includes a fixed depth of punch control and a heavy duty wire closer capable of closing twin loop wire elements from 1/4" up to 9/16" thick.

RENZ ERW 2:1 Twin Loop Wire Binding Station

This machine is designed for high volume users looking to do wire binding. The Renz ERW is capable of punching up to 25 sheets of paper, has 38 disengageable dies, adjustable punching pins and can bind documents from 1/4" up to 9/16" thick.


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